Monday, July 5, 2010

Al-Aroub Kids Kick Off VBW Workshop

“Our kids are very committed,” said Samahair, the talented and dedicated director of the Child Center at Al-Aroub Camp told the VBW team before getting start with our West Bank program this week. So far, her words have proven accurate. In the past two days the international and local team jointly led a welcome to the program, expectation evaluations, introductory photo activities, the beginnings of community mapping, and lots of games. The kids, who range from ages 11 to 15, arrived on time both days, and quickly separated with boys on one half of the room and girls on the other. Their cross-armed stances—something teenagers around the world have perfected!—only thinly masked their eagerness to participate, however. Smiles appeared as the icebreakers began, and when we broke into small groups all students engaged creatively. At the end of day one, most of the kids noted the hands-on work with the cameras as the day’s most exciting event, while a few said the games and meeting new people as their favorite.

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