Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aerial mapping pilot workshop in Al Aroub camp, 26.06.2010

(c) Anne Paq/

We had a great pilot project of aerial mapping in Al Aroub Camp, led by MIT expert Jeff Warren. Jeff is a researcher at the MIT Media Lab conducting photo mapping work using low-altitude kites and balloons. He's done this mapping work with communities in slums near Peru, fisherman during the oil spill near the coast of Louisiana, and many other areas. More about his work on:

Jeff did the pilot on the roof of Al Aroub Play and Animation center, together with Voices Beyond Walls team, trainers from the center who will work with us on the Re-Imagining project, and some children. Everybody was amazed on how high the kite could fly, bringing up a simple digital camera, which was continuously taking pictures. The results were striking. We do hope to use these technics during the actual workshops. As Jeff explained, costs can be reduced by making kites or balloons from recycling materials, making it accessible for communities.

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