Monday, June 28, 2010

Let the training begin!

The Training of Trainers (ToT) for the West Bank VBW group kicked off today at the French-German Cultural Center in Ramallah. Representatives attended from youth centers of various refugee camps, UNRWA, and Right to Play. Our morning sessions included icebreakers, an overview of Voices Beyond Walls workshops, and an introduction to photo aesthetics and camera use. In the afternoon we divided into small groups and ventured outdoors for a community mapping/photography exercise that will help with story development tomorrow. The group of 24 trainees delved into discussions about how to activate imagination, the uses of student films, and about the role of facilitators in guiding but not constraining youth projects. These conversations will surely continue over the next two days.

Sample Activities for Introducing Photography to Children:

In small groups, one person takes a picture of another from three different angles, then passes the camera to another child to practice.

Shot Challenge

Write four or five body parts on the board (e.g. nose, ear, eyes, hand, foot). Ask a student to roll a die or pull a number from a hat. Write that number next to one of the body parts. Repeat for each body part. In small groups challenge the students to take pictures that include that number of noses, ears, eyes, etc. The number of body parts in the photo should be exact--no more, no less!

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